Järnsvenskan 2018 :: place

Järnboås Finnsjöstrand, Nora, Örebro län GPS: 59.647031,14.899213

Getting there & away

A bus connection runs to Nora in the morning and in the afternoon except on Sundays, from where a regular bus connection runs to Örebro.


You can take a train from Örebro to Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Have a look at tagkompaniet for connections, or book a bus shuttle, which is often cheaper.  Note that you cannot buy tickets at most of those buses, and mostly only can pay by credit card in normal buses as well.


That is an interesting question! Prices there are not always correct. It can even be that calling the Ferry company gives you big discounts that are not on the net! Note that there have been some changed with the companies, so check in time.

1. A short ferry connection but longer way to ride by car is Rostock-Gedser or Puttgarden-Rødby and then taking

a.) the Öresund-bridge, which costs alsmost as much as the ferry per car.

b.) Alternatively, instead of the bridge you can take Helsingør-Helsingborg.

2. Long ferry trip: Rostock or  Travemünde <-> Trelleborg or Malmö. Alternatively to Göreborg.  Is not necessarily more expensive, but there are less connections; but you can travel by night if you wish (6-8 hrs). You save a lot of driving that way. We mostly took the night ferry so that we had enough "power" to ride the last 600 km from the ferry back to us in Sweden.   

There are often discounts for booking in advance or retour bookings. Note that you SHOULD really book the ferry because it might be overbooked if you just go there to buy your ticket there.  


From Germany: Look at Deutsche Bahn on the web under "Europa Spezial". Very good discounts there. You go to Mjölby, change into Tågkompaniet to Örebro. Sometimes it is cheaper to book to Stockholm but get off at Mjölby. Ferry included.


From Germany, Flixbus offers rides from Berlin and other places to Stockholm. Note that a journey can take quite some time (around 30 hours) but is cheap and should be readily available.